How do I Backup a MySQL Database using PHPMyAdmin?

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Important Information:
We carry out regular backups of all our servers - including shared MySql database servers - but we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of a MySQL database backup.  We may attempt a database restore are your request but our time will be charged at our standard support rates and we do not guarantee the restore will be effective or useable.  
You must make sure you backup up your MySQL database(s) to your local machine on a regular basis


How to back up a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin:

You can backup your database using PHPMyAdmin.

  1. select the database you want to backup
  2. select "Export" tab on the right screen.
  3. Choose the tables you wish to backup (or "Select All" for all tables).
  4. Scroll down and tick "Save File As..."
  5. Click on the "Go" button.
  6. Save the database that begins to download, on your local computer.