Logging in to the Control Panel

Control Panel > WebSitePanel
  1. Go to the control panel URL listed in your welcome email. In most cases it will be http://cp.<domainname> for any domains you have added. You can always use http://cp.rackteam.com to access the control panel.

    On the sign-in form you have an option to remember you next time you open control panel, so you don’t need to login again. Note: you shouldn’t check this option if you're on a public computer.

    There may be additional choices such as different languages and different themes available. You can select a theme or language from the appropriate dropdowns.

    Add your username and password, and click on the "Sign In" button.

  2. When you log-in you're presented with your user account home page:

    In the top part of page is the account top menu, links to edit the account details, a sign out link, and “global search box” for locating various hosting items (web sites, FTP accounts, databases, etc.)

    On the left-hand pane there is a second part of user account menu with functions available to the current user account. You can see the selected user account in the breadcrumb at the top of the page.

    On the right-hand pane you can see user details, account status, and action links.

    On the central part of the page is the list of the user account hosting spaces and account notes.