Do you support secure email?

Email & Webmail
We provide secure email and web mail on all of our email servers.  Our servers support both TLS and SSL on all email protocols.
Here is a list of email protocols and port numbers.
  • IMAP non-secure: 143
  • IMAP TLS Security: 143
  • IMAP SSL Security: 993
  • POP non-secure: 110
  • POP TLS Security: 110
  • POP SSL: 995
  • SMTP non-secure: 25
  • SMTP Alternative non secure: 587
  • SMTP TLS Security: 25
  • SMTP SSL Security: 465
Should I select TLS or SSL for security?
TLS is the more modern protocol and is the preferred method of using a secure connection.  It will eventually replace SSL.
Some email clients do not support TLS on every protocol. For instance, Outlook 2013 does not support TLS via POP, but it does support SSL via POP.  There is no problem using SSL for connecting via POP and TLS for IMAP and SMTP. 
Is using secure email important?
It is extremely important.  If you don't use a secure protocol your username and password are sent in plain text each time you connect to the email server to send or receive an email.  If your connection is intercepted, or you use a public wi-fi service in a cafe or train station (for instance), it is possible someone could capture your username and password. If that happens they will be able to access your emails, and if they are a spammer, send spam using your account.  Any account that is used to send SPAM is in danger of being closed immediately in accordance with our anti-spam policy.
Server to Server Communication
Our primary email servers always attempt to use secure communications with other email servers when sending or receiving emails.  If the sending or receiving email server supports the TLS security protocol communications will be encrypted, but if the sending/receiving email server does not support TLS then communication will not be encrypted. 
We cannot control whether the sending/receiving email server supports secure communications.