What type of support channels do you provide?

Pre-sales information
Our main methods of providing support are our knowledgebase and our support ticketing system. 
We keep our knowledgebase up-to-date with the latest information and are constantly adding new items to it and we ask that all customers look there for answers before contacting support.
Our support ticket system - accessed by sending an email to support@rackteam.com or using the support portal - is manned 24/7 every day of the year.  Our response times are extremely fast, and if you don't like using ticket systems because you have be left waiting for hours or days for an answer in the past with other systems, that won't happen with us. 
Support Tickets are prioritised internally, and tickets regarding a problem with a server or service are given priority over less important issues such a how to recover a password.  The only time tickets may take an excessive time to answer is when the answer is already available within our knowledgebase.
We do not offer telephone support except in emergencies as we want to use our online systems to track, monitor, and manage our support responses.