Complaints Procedure

Service Agreements

We want you to be delighted with the service we give you, and it's our aim to provide you with a reliable, high performance, and consistent service at all times. However, sometimes things can go wrong and you might be unhappy with our service or you feel we've let you down in some way. We take any complaints very seriously so we've created this page to tell you how you can get in touch with us and how we will deal with your complaint or issue.

  1. Our Complaints Procedure is not Support
    Our complaints procedure is a formal process designed to help us deal effectively with any complaints you may have, and it may take several days to complete.

    It is not the same as our support service which is designed to help you with issues or errors with our hosting service where you may need a faster response.
  2. Our Promise to You
    If you make a complaint to us, we promise we'll do the following:
    1. treat your complaint seriously;
    2. make an initial response the next working day. If your complaint is received on a weekend or Public Holiday the next working day may be several days away;
    3. attempt to resolve your complaint within 14 days;
  3. Starting your Complaint
    In the first stage of your complaint, please send an email to with the details of your complaint. Please include all information you think might be important and relevant. Don't forget to include your contact details.

    We will make an initial response the next working day, which will:
    1. acknowledge receipt of your complaint, and/or;
    2. request additional information if we need it, and/or;
    3. provide a detailed response if we are able to;
    If we need additional information from you, or are waiting for a response from you, we will keep the complaint open for 14 days from the date we request a response or information from you. If you don't respond within that time-frame we will consider the complaint has been closed.
  4. Our Response to your Complaint
    Within 14 days of receiving your complaint, or any additional information we may need, we promise to provide you with a formal response to your complaint by email.
  5. Escalating your Complaint
    We hope that will deal with your complaint to your satisfaction, but if you are still dissatisfied you may escalate your complaint to the next level.

    You can escalate your complaint in the following manner:
    1. Request that your complaint is reviewed by a Company Director.

      Although your initial complaint may have been seen by a company director, escalating your complaint will ensure it is reviewed by them and that a response will be provided by one of them.
    A final response will be send to you from a named Company Director and we hope that their response will resolve any problem that you had.
  6. If you are still not satisfied
    If we've have been unable to provide a response that you are satisfied with, there are additional avenues open to you:
    1. appeal to the company director to re-consider their response if you feel there are circumstances or points you feel they may not have given sufficient consideration to, or;
    2. As there is no formal body representing the Hosting Industry, but we will be happy to enter into mediation with a neutral third party mediator that we both agree to. This can be an expensive process, and you may be liable for all costs if the independant mediator finds in our favour, but it is a process we are happy to enter into if you feel your complaint is serious enough and we have failed to address it to your satisfaction.
    3. You may complain to Trading Standards (or Consumer Direct if you purchased your hosting as a consumer) if you feel our response is not satisfactory and does not deal adequately with your complaint, or;
    4. Commence legal action although we would recommend that mediation is entered into before action is contemplated.