Shared Hosting Refund Policy

Service Agreements

Cancel your shared hosting account within 14 days and we'll refund your payment

You can try out our shared hosting plans for up to 14 days, and if you don't want to continue using the account you can cancel it and we'll give you your money back. There are additional terms and conditions associated with receiving a refund so you should read the following information carefully.

Our Shared Hosting Refund Policy is part of our Service Agreement with you.

  1. Our Service Agreement
    This "Shared Hosting Refund Policy" is part of our Service Agreement with you. Our Service Agreement comprises of the following documents:
    1. Terms of Service.
    2. Acceptable Use Policy.
    3. Privacy Policy.
    4. Shared Hosting Refund Policy.
    5. Mass Email Policy.
    6. Our "Service Agreement" may be also be referred to as the "Agreement".
  2. The Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013
    If you are a "consumer user" the rights provided to you under this policy are in addition to those given to you by the Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, and do not affect your statutory rights. In fact, they offer you additional protection over and above your statutory rights if you have used our services before the 14-day cancellation period required by these Regulations has expired.
  3. Refunds are only available if you are not in violation of our Service Agreement
    Refunds will not be provided if you are in violation of any clause in our Service Agreement, or your account has been suspended or terminated in accordance with our Service Agreement. This includes any late payments, overdue invoices, or outstanding balances.
  4. Some Services or Resources are not eligable for refunds
    Due to the nature of the services we provide, and the nature of Internet services in general, some of our services or resources cannot be subject to refund. These include:
    1. Setup Fees
      Setup fees are used to authorize the provision of server hardware and software, including any licenses necessary for the operation of the server. We do not charge set-up fees for shared hosting accounts or plans, but some additional services you can purchase may have set-up fees associated with them.
    2. SSL Certificates
      Any fees incurred with the provisioning and purchase of SSL Certificates, including the setup fees and the cost of the certificate. You shall own all SSL certificates. If the certificate has already been installed we will export the certificate for you and provide the certificate along with the password used to create the export file.
    3. Domain Names
      Any fees incurred by us or charged by us for the registration, renewal, or transfer of domain names. You shall retain ownership of the domain name if it has been paid for and funds have cleared. If the domain has not been paid for or funds have not cleared we may elect to retain the domain name for our own use at our sole discretion.
    4. Additional Software
      Due to the license fees we must pay to the software providers on your behalf, we cannot offer refunds for any specific software purchased with your web hosting plan. Additional software is not included by default in any of our shared hosting plans and this clause specifically refers to any software you have asked us to purchase or install on your behalf on your shared hosting plan.
    5. Diskspace or Bandwidth Overuse Charges
      We don't offer refunds on any charges incurred by you due to disk space or bandwidth overages.
    6. Support Fees or Charges
      We do not offer refunds on any support fees or charges you may have incurred while hosting with us.
    7. Additional Services or Resources
      If you chose to purchase additional services or resources from us including but not limited to additional email diskspace, additional databases, or extra emails acounts no refunds are provided for these charges.
  5. Outstanding Balances
    If you cancel your account, or request a refund, this does not release you from financial responsibility in accordance with our Terms of Service. If you have an outstanding balance you will continue to be responsible for that payment. You agree that we may, at our sole discretion, offset any refund amount against any outstanding balance due.
  6. How Refund Payments are Made
    Any refund amount due to you will be paid in the same manner as your original payment was made and will be paid in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). For instance, refund payments by cheque will be paid by cheque, and credit-card payments will be refunded to the same card used to pay for the original account. If the credit card has expired or is unavailable at the date the refund is proceessed the refund can only be paid by a UK Pounds Sterling Cheque which will be sent to the address you used to sign-up to the account. We are not responsible for any charges you may incur processing any cheque we send or any delays caused by the postal service. Cheques will be sent the next working day at the latest if you are eligible for a refund.

    Refund payments will not necessarily be available to you immediately. We will inform you when the refund has been applied (or the cheque has been sent to you) by email, but some payment processors do not make the funds available to you immediately and we have no control over how these companies work. We ask that you wait at least 48 hours before contacting us about your refund.
  7. Account Termination and when we delete your data
    If you terminate your account, or request a full or partial refund, in accordance with the shared hosting refund policy your information and account will be deleted as soon as the refund has been applied or the 14-day refund period has expired, whichever is sooner. In the case of refund payments by cheque before the 14-day refund period has expired, the account termination date will be the date the cheque is sent by post. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a backup of your site and data before your account is terminated or closed, or your refund is requested.
  8. How long we keep you Personal Information for
    If you request a refund in accordance with our shared hosting refund policy we will retain all your personal details for a minimum period of 6 years after your account has been closed in accordance with standard Data Control practices and statutory requirements for contract information.
  9. Your Eligibility for future Accounts
    If you request a refund in accordance with our shared hosting refund policy you will not be eligible to use any further services from us, or any associated company, for a minimum period of 6 years from the termination date.