What are the directories I see when connecting via FTP


When you login via FTP you will see 3 directories that are created automatically.  These are:

  1. db (or data in WebSitePanel Control Panel)
  2. logs
  3. wwwroot

Occasionally you may see another directory called "secure" or "SSL".  This directory is created when you add a secure area to your website.


This is the directory where you should install your web site files to.  It is the only "public" directory available (i.e. one that can be seen from the internet).


This is the directory where the log files for your web site are stored.  As visitors visit your web site, the log files are updated with information about their visit. 

A new log file is created for each day, but if your site has had no visitors on one day there will be no log file.

Log files can become large so on most shared servers we zip any log files older than 7 days, and after 30 days the log files are automatically deleted.  Once the log files have been deleted they cannot be recovered.

DB (or DATA when using WebSitePanel Control Panel)

If you are planning to use an Access database, this is the best directory to store the database.  Your web site will be able to connect to it, but the actual database cannot be downloaded from the internet.  This keeps the database and it's contents safe.