If your email isn't working, here's some steps that might help you

Email & Webmail
Before you contact support, please be sure that it is an error with our service and not a local problem with your PC or ISP, or general internet problem, or you will be charged for any time taken to deal with your support request.
  1. Check our Monitoring Reports

    Before you do anything, check whether there is a problem with the email server or any of the services.

    The monitoring report that covers our primary email servers can be found at http://monitor.network-online.co.uk/coreservice.html. These reports are updated every 5 minutes and will contain accurate information about the status of a service.

    If the monitoring report shows that a service is operating correctly then it is virtually certain that the error you are experiencing is a problem with your PC, your ISP, or a configuration error (e.g. a password) that you are using incorrectly.

    We know it's easy to jump to conclusions, but if our monitoring report doesn't show an error with a service, or it's only your account that is experiencing problems and others aren't, then it's virtually impossible that it's a problem with the email server.  Email investigations are extremely time consuming due to the huge log files and the massive amount of emails passing through our servers.  If you report an error, but no error is found (we will backup our reply with relevant log files), you will be presented with a 3 or 4-figure invoice for our time with payment being due by return.  Please be sure to check all other avenues before reporting an email problem.

  2. What is the exact problem you are experiencing?

    Think about your problem and try to indentify exactly what is going wrong.
    • Are you unable to send emails?
    • are you unable to receive emails?
    • are you having problems connecting to the email server?
    • Are you receiving an error message - please be sure to send the WHOLE error message to us?

      The sending and receiving of emails are different and separate processes and one may work while the other doesn't. 
  3. Here are some easy solutions to common email problems

    Check your email client settings
    1. Always double check your password
    2. the username would be <username>@<domain.com>
    3. smtp and pop3 = mail.<domain.com> or the IP assigned to you in your setup email
    4. make sure SSL / Secured Socket Layer option is not selected
    5. make sure 'my server requires authentication' is CHECKED.

      If you're not sure about the above, check out the animated tutorials at here.
    6. If everything seems to be OK, check the account actually exists
  4. If you are no further forward then check Web Mail
    1. Login to webmail, and check whether you can receive and send emails from there.

      If you can, and your email was working before, then the problem is either with your ISP or your client is not properly setup. Please double check the first group of solutions to make sure the client is properly setup.
    2. If you can't log into Webmail with your details then either
      • the account doesn't exist, and/or
      • the username or password is wrong.

  5. If you are unable to send/receive mail with Webmail, or you think there is still a problem with our service, please complete a traceroute and send it to our support team.  If you do not send a traceroute your email will be given the lowest priorty and will be subject to a delay in receiving a response.

    When you contact our support team please make sure you include any error messages you are receiving, and all the contact information you are using (i.e. the username and password you are using, and the address of the mail servers).

    Please also let us know the date and time you last had this problem so we can check the logs for any errors.