Do you filter my emails?

Email & Webmail
All emails that pass through our email servers are filtered, but our policy is to deliver ALL incoming emails to you. We do not delete any emails that are being sent to your account on our email servers.  
If our email filtering is accurate for the emails you receive you can over-ride our default settings within the Webmail interface.  This will allow you to automatically delete emails that are marked as "Spam", but this will be a decision you can make for yourself.  We will never delete emails being sent to you.  There are 2 types of filtering we carry out:
  1. Spam Filtering

    All incoming and outgoing emails are filtered by our anti-spam system.  These systems are over 99.5% accurate, with less than 1% false positives, for most users.

    Although your emails are filtered we DO NOT delete any of these messages. By default, all email messages are delivered to your inbox.  If our system detects that the message is spam it will add information to the email subject line with the probability of the email being spam i.e. it marks "spam" as "Low", "Medium" or "High" probability of the email being spam.

    After a while, if you are confident our spam filters are accurate for your email account you can change the way spam is dealt with by logging into web mail, clicking on "settings" then adjusting how the email server deals with High, Medium, and Low Spam.

    Recommended Anti-Spam Settings
    If you are satisfied that our anti-spam system is accurate for your email account you can change the way the email server deals with your SPAM.

    The setting that appear to work the best for most people are the following...

    HIGH Spam - delete

    MEDIUM Spam - delete

    LOW Spam - either "Send to Junk" or mark as "Spam Low". 

    If you choose to "Send to Junk" please be sure to check this folder via web mail at least once per week. Emails are automatically deleted from the "Junk" folder after 7 days.  Any emails in the "Delete" box are automatically deleted after 14 days.

    If you select to mark your email as "Spam" it will add the information to the subject line of any incoming email.
  2. Anti-Virus Scanning

    All incoming email are checked for viruses by more than one anti-virus programme.  If an infected email is found it is quarantined and the intended recipient will receive an email informing them that a virus was found.