Can I send email directly from a Web Server?

Email & Webmail
On most of our web servers, the internal SMTP service is switched off, so emails cannot be sent directly from the web server itself.   On some web servers the SMTP service is enabled but we strongly recommend that you do not use this facility.

Why shouldn't I send emails directly from a web server?
Web servers are not set-up as properly configured email servers in that they do not contain any email accounts, cannot accept incoming emails, and do not have reverse DNS or pointer addresses.  Since most receiving email servers require a sending email server to have this information available there is a high likelihood that your emails will be rejected.

What should I do instead?
You need to connect to an account that exists on a properly configured email server.  All scripting languages support using what is known as a "remote email server" to send emails (you can use an account on our email servers too).

In this instance you will need to know the IP address or mailserver address for the account you want to use (you will get this information from the control panel), the username, and the password.  With these 3 pieces of information you will be able to send emails from your web site through a properly configured email server.  This will increase the chances of your emails being accepted by the receiving email server.