Are backup email servers automatically configured for my domain?

Email & Webmail
This reply assumes you are using our Control Panels, Email Servers, and DNS servers.  If you are not, backup email servers are not automatically configured for your domain.
The answer depends on what Control Panel you are using.
HELM Control Panel
No.  Backup email servers are not automatically configured for your domain. If you are using our email servers it is simple to add the appropriate DNS records to provide a backup email service for your domain.  Follow the Instructions HERE on how to do that.

As long as your domain is using our primary email server for their email, following these instructions will ensure that if something should happen to the primary email service incoming emails will be collected by the backup email servers and then delivered to you as soon as the primary email service becomes available again.
WebSitePanel Control Panel
Yes.  As part of our set-up and DNS configuration, backup email servers are automatically configured for any domain you add where DNS is enabled.
These backup email server will collect incoming emails for your domain should there be a problem with the primary email server for your domain.